Made in Sicily, Designed in Barcelona, Refined in Paris, Tested in Mexico City and Engineered in New York.

After graduating in International Communication at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature of the University of Catania, I continued my studies in Barcelona where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Design, specializing in Graphic Design at the University Elisava. I also attended the Master in Branding and Packaging at BAU University.

I did an internship in Javier Mariscal's design studio and I joined the design team of the global branding consultancy Interbrand for Mexico, Central America and Caribbean. I am currently working for agencies in Italy, Spain, U.S.A. and Mexico.

In my opinion new and original ideas for creative works come out from what we are inside and from what we have seen and experienced.
The more you enrich your life, the more you enrich your work. Learning different methods of working is necessary for my profession. Having international education, training and experience in multicultural contexts allows me to keep freelancing in different countries and is what I love the most of my job.

I love entrepreneurship so I've created my own accessories and souvenirs brand in Sicily, conDUCImi.