Made in Sicily, Designed in Barcelona, Refined in Paris, Tested in Mexico City and Engineered in New York.

I’m Eleonora Majorana the Creative Director behind Branding Little Brands.

In my opinion new and original ideas for creative works come out from what we have seen and experienced. Especially relevant is having international education, training and experience in multicultural contexts allows me to keep working for different countries and is what I love the most of my job.

My studio focuses on little companies because I prefer authentic projects, born with passion and personal sacrifice by entrepreneurs who believe in the incredible chance that design could give to them. My team and I are ready to transform your idea in a distinctive brand that will be relevant and consistent. We will strategically analyze your competitors in order to give you the uniqueness you need to be different and increase your sales.

I have a degree in International Communication, a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Design with specialization in Graphic Design in addition to a Master in Branding and Packaging and finally I’m also continuing my education studying Business Strategy. I’ve worked for Javier Mariscal‘s design studio and I joined the design team of the global branding consultancy Interbrand.

I’m passionate about entrepreneurship so I’ve created my own accessories and souvenirs brand in Sicily, conDUCImi.


We are an international team made of very unique people who love their job and do it with passion and commitment.

Believing in your dreams as if they were ours own.

Willing to be on your side designing this new opportunity for you.

Be bold and brave.

As a result we are
Open minded
And we have worked for


Our logo represents BLB’s Creative Director who has spent her childhood drawing in her mother’s artistic atelier.

We consider the use of pencil necessary to transmit the essence. Creativity for us is innate therefore we believe that is something you experiment since you are born. It is that creative sensitivity that makes see things in a different and spontaneous way.

And we want your customers to see you in a


Happy clients

“We found Eleonora by chance on internet when looking for ideas for a name for our future food truck. After not a very successful try with a local graphic designer, we decided to try to work with Eleonora. At first it seemed to us to be a challenge, as it meant working by means of internet, but everything worked out excellently. She was very professional, our communication was smooth and she, herself being a Sicilian, created for us a brand and the design to our arancini-selling food truck that we are so happy about and that was well above our expectations! We keep receiving compliments from our clients and our colleagues. Thank you, Eleonora!”
Arancino · Domenico Dell'Acqua, Luxembourg
Arancino · Domenico Dell'Acqua, Luxembourg

“The restyling of the brand, using bright colors and a Mexican imagery, made possible that the clients would appreciate the freshness and natural origin of our products.”

Grosella · Antonette Gabelich Vega, Mexico
Grosella · Antonette Gabelich Vega, Mexico
“We have worked with Branding Little Brands in a project where the customer needed special brand awareness. What we loved about the creative process with Eleonora is that she leaves nothing to chance, everything has a sense and a purpose. She easily showed and explained to the customer the information that its brand will give to the public, generating much confidence in the work done to reach that result. We will return to work with Branding Little Brands in new projects!”
Ferran Falguera · Doonamis, Barcelona
Ferran Falguera · Doonamis, Barcelona
“Through an in-depth briefing and an  extensive work, Eleonora of Branding Little Brands was able to fully understand and synthesize the needs we had for the logo and visual identity of our cultural association. And in a perfect respect of the deadlines and the predefined budgets. Our collaboration was very pleasant and we aredelighted with the result that came out of it.”
Traumdepot · Stéphanie Torche, Switzerland
Traumdepot · Stéphanie Torche, Switzerland
Give to your Brand the opportunity to be unique