Building trustful Brands

We have defined a step by step process for building brands. Due to the multidisciplinary formation and international experience of our Creative Director Eleonora Majorana, we offer a suite of branding services to make your brand and business grow with effective results. Many companies and institutions don’t know or forget about the potential of their brand and they end up being perceived like imperceptible ones without authenticity in a very competitive market, and also lacking of professionalism. That’s why we are here to give to your brand the visual value that it deserves. If you already have a brand for example that needs a restyling, after creating the new logo, we plan a visual order, take control and manage the branding to focus on your advantage. Be ready for an amazing change!

Our works are the outcome of how we observe and interpret reality. As a result we catch the message of each project and transfer it to design canons. Especially relevant is experimenting with shapes, materials and sensations that have to be transmitted. We will create brand standards to make the design or your identity consistent. The overall result is intended to be experienced by the final client and we want you to be true to your brand keeping visually evident your promise.

We have worked for the following sectors: nutrition, technology, entertainment, instruction, biological, touristic, fashion and institutional.

All the brands are exclusively designed by Eleonora Majorana.



Listening to your dreams, ideas and goals.


Planning how you should be different.


Getting inspired by beautiful things.


From paper sketches to digital design.


Adding value to your Brand step by step.


Making your Brand tangible and visible.


Let people fall in love with it and enjoy!



First of all we define a strategy depending on the market and your goals, a creative concept will inspire the logo design, and you will be typing with a corporate typeface, a chromatic palette will make you different and express also your brand’s personality. Hence the graphic system will support the brand in all points of contact making it recognizable, while a web design will make you exist, as a result a video campaign will sell your idea, commercial photography will add value to your product and our previous legal consulting service to register your brand will protect you.


Do you have a logo but maybe you don’t feel comfortable with it and you are evaluating to take the step for the change? In order to improve your market placement you need consequently your brand image to be updated. Especially relevant change to your design and brand consistency can increase your turnover. Depending on the strategy that you have planned we will do a radical change or a restyling. Both of them would give to the brand a contemporary feel, necessary to compete and be irresistible, making the audience to take action.


Stand out and be so desirable to be purchased. First of all shelves are the most competitive environment. You might have an excellent product, but people buy for the appearance of the product and then for the quality of it. So if you need to design any kind of packaging, papel wrap, labeling, we will do it and evaluate the needs with costs and assist you until the final print. In conclusion good design is a competitive advantage. Think about it.


Nowadays online presence is fundamental, your brand needs to be searchable and easy to find on Google. And most of all, the web design has to be attractive and easy to navigate in order to let the users find the information they are searching for. A website is your online profile, it is a powerful digital tool that needs to follow the branding guidelines that have been established too. Also in this environment shapes, colors, typeface and imagery interact coherently.


Make your target notice your brand. We work with local providers who are professionals in printing sector, in order to offer to you the best quality for all kind of printed point of contacts of your brand and commercial communication. We will assist you in small, medium and large format printing services. Large print run and 24 hours emergencies. Offset, digital printing and print finishes. We can design banners, catalogs, flyers, publications, PLV, totems, displays and vynils.


The name of a company has to communicate a story therefore you should increase your brand awareness with copywriting. We define a creative strategy and propose you naming proposals evaluating your market position, efficiency and availability. It’s especially relevant that your brand will have a personality so our copywriter will keep it on mind during the creative process and automatically will define how you will be talking to your audience.


The shopping experience is especially relevant. Let your brand be experienced in a unique way by your consumers. We will design the space where your brand meets the audience because Branding especially works much more if many points of contacts are involved and consistently. This is building brands.


We can also design any printed or digital communication message you might need in order to catch the attention of your audience. Hence we offer all kind of Graphic Design and different styles of Illustration services. We are a problem-solving skilled team. Tell us what you need and we will make your company get noticed.


Let’s focus eyes on design. We offer branding audit consultancy in order to see if you are doing the right thing with your brand. In addition we are available to be hired as jury member of a design competition.


We would love to share some knowledge. Eleonora is working on some Branding workshops while planning conferences about Branding and how it can help entrepreneurs who would like to learn more about her field and work.


Branding Little Brands es un estudio creativo ubicado en Barcelona que crea y desarrolla marcas estratégicas, auténticas y memorables para emprendedores, autónomos, y pequeñas y medianas empresas con un proyecto empresarial sea a nivel de barrio, local, nacional o internacional.

Diseño marcas para todo tipo de sector y por pasión tengo dos servicios enfocados al de la alimentación y gastronomía y al ecológico y sostenible.

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  • Branding / Creación de marca
  • Rediseño de marca
  • Auditoría y reorganización del Branding
  • Papelería corporativa
  • Packaging
  • Branding para redes sociales
  • Manual de imagen corporativa / Guía de estilo
  • Naming y copywriting
  • Diseño de producto/industrial y packaging
  • Ilustración
  • 3D y Motion graphics
  • Imprenta
  • Fotografía de producto y lifestyle
  • Diseño y desarrollo web
  • SEO y SEM / Marketing digital
  • Vestimenta corporativa
  • Rotulación
  • Interiorismo corporativo / Diseño retail
  • Eventos digitales corporativos
  • Diseño de stands y expositores
  • Registro de marcas